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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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given the continent the lowest prices in the world for crude oil. now, gas prices did rise in the last four months of 2013. but according to aaa, greater production will mean lower prices in the new year. that should put smiles on the faces of many commuters as they head back to work in the next few days. >> thanks so much for joining us here. happy new year to you. "legal view" starts right now. >> hello, everyone. welcome to new york city. it is the morning after the night before. i know you all saw it. times square was rocking last night. and some of these people might just be waking up this morning. it's officially 2014, and it's january 1st, in case you missed
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it. there's a lot going on all around the country and right here in new york city, where it's 26 degrees. that's not bad considering where we're going. there's a lot of cold weather on the way for people all up and down. not only on the eastern seaboard but also in the midwest. i'll tell you what's on the way. i wans to get you up to speed on a brand new mayor sworn in in the big apple and why it means something to you even if you're in nebraska or california or hey, north dakota, warp up. we've got a big conversation come. first let's go to minneapolis where there's breaking news that happened in the last couple of hours. intense pictures of a building fire. this following a reported explosion. and here is what's so significant about this. several people as the ems reported to cnn live just moments ago are actually injured because of falling out of the upper story window, second and third story windows.
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he told us he wasn't sure if they had fallen, jumped or actually were pushed out due to the explosion. but roughly 13 people are being treated for trauma at local centers in minneapolis. fire still smoldering. and then think about this, with plummeting temperatures, firefighters have to deal with the freezing conditions while they fight the fire. there's a lot they're trying to deal with. there are severe burns among the trauma victims. and then those injured because of their falls. i want to go live to ted rollins who is racing to the scene as we speak. what more can you tell me? >> reporter: actually, basically the pictures tell it all. this is a three-story apartment building. officials said they got the call of an explosion at around 7:20 local time. 13 people have been taken to the emergency medical center. several of those people,
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according to a spokesman, are in critical conditions. and as you mentioned, some of those people are from people leaving either the second or third floor. but they don't know if they were pushed out from the blast or they jumped. it's still an active scene. as you mentioned, cold temperatures are creating issues for firefighters. they're not sure if there are more people in the apartment complex. they're trying to get ahold of the fire to get in there to see. and to see what they're dealing with in terms of potential victims still inside. as you said earlier, an active scene going on in minneapolis right now. >> that's distressing to hear. it's new year's day. a lot of people may be staying home. let's be very clear here. so far, so far, and this is a developing story, there aren't any fatalities and we are crossing our fingers that that's
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going to remain the fact. check back in with us when you get to the scene. i want to move on to another big story that's developing here. and of course, that story is a brand new mayor is in town and it did not take long after the ball dropped in times square for mayor bill de blasio, get used to saying it, new york city mayor bill de blasio to be officially sworn in by the outgoing mayor mayor bloomberg. i don't know if you've slept. he was sworn in last night and i think a lot of people would say that's new york's mayor. why does it matter to me if i'm in another part of this country? but it does. why? >> because a lot of the policies that he integrates will be watched closely. that's one main reason to see whether they can work in other cities across the united states. this is also someone who made his family a big part of his campaign and he said he wants sweeping changes in the way the city is run.
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he wants to tax the wealthy to help pay for education. and get rid of the very conversational stop and frisk policy. but back to his family. he was sworn in outside his home where his campaign began with his wife and two children at his side. >> all mixed race. >> exactly. on the street. and here is what he said at the time. >> i want to say to all of you how grateful we are. from the beginning this has been our family together reaching out to the people of this city to make a change that we all needed. >> he also brought in the -- as new police commissioner to replace ray kelly, william bratton who also previously served as police commissioner for new york city. >> i feel like i've been talking about him for 25 years at least. one coast or the other. and look how cold it is? >> i'm not overcome, i'm not
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emotional. just the cold. >> not hung over? >> not that either, never. >> just in case, we wanted to make sure mrs. charles was handy. this is a really significant issue when it comes to what some will say is the liberalization of the new york machine and how other communities around this country are going to be watching closely as to how successful or not successful he might be. >> i think they are. one of the things that he did during his campaign he ran on the message that new york belongs to everyone. i think that a lot of people are going to see whether or not the policies he puts into place that mirror that sort of campaign message, whether they are actually going to be effective. >> people like to see can you
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just rule by saying it ain't so and then it ain't so. he has said off the bat, he doesn't want horse-drawn carriages. you can't just declare that, can you? >> to a certain extent he can. if it's shown that these horses are not treated properly or inhumane in the manner which they're treated, it's something they can do. i think as a native new yorker it will be sad to see them go. >> there are a lot of people who disagree with you. and obviously a lot of guys who make their living here. some of these guys have been driving for more than three decades. before i talk more about that. when you said the tax, the rich issue, this city is rich. i mean these apartments on central park south, you have to be rich to live in the city. what does that mean for all of the businesses? are they going to up and leave? is that the threats? >> that's the theory. and yes, there are threats.
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but he feels that this city can take it. it's grown tremendously under mayor bloomberg, but he wants to even the playing field. >> so far people are saying some of the things that bloomberg did were successful. now another one comes in and takes his place. if you've been central park south, you've seen the carriages. people love them or hate them. and there was no shortage of opinion when we decided to tap in. take a look. >> well, you know, i thought he would be a more conscientious mayor, a more people mayor bringing the city together. but these horses and carriages, they should leave there, because they're tradition. tourists, children of all ages and cultures have been riding these horses. and these horses need a purpose. just like we all need a purpose, right? >> right. >> get rid of the horses, you know where they're going, to the blue factory.
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we don't want that. >> i was thinking about it on the ride here. and both about environment and all the gases from the cars. and it's really nice to get on the cab drive with the horse. i think maybe it's a good thing to not have it in the city where the car is. >> no matter what they say, the whos are not kept in a good condition. >> the horses are the star. it's no the car or carriage or me. he's the star. that's what people come for. you can't create that with an electric car. kids can't pet fenders, they pet horses. >> that's not the last word on that. mark my word on that. but here one other big issue that we want to get to, and that is the official swearing in by bloomberg was last night. but there's a bigger event today. >> absolutely. and he'll be sworn in by former
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president bill clinton and hillary clinton will also be there. >> stick around. i've got a couple of other questions i want to ask you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> thanks for coming out in the cold. coming up, we've got a couple of other things we want to bring to your attention. and that was do you just rule by fiat and say, no carriages and away they go? or is this shaping up to be a pretty big legal battle in 2014? find out what the other side of this equation entails and where it might go. back in a moment. live from new york city. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase,
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♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ book with our app for an additional... $25.00 off your next hotel. happy new year, everybody. it's officially 2014. if you're just waking up, guess what? there's a nice gift come your way. more than likely you're going to get cold weather and probably snow. certainly if you live in the northeast and definitely in the midwest. i don't know about y'all in california. alexandra steele is stachbnding. >> let's get to the details.
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what we're going to see with this snow it's going to come in phases. thursday and friday for the northeast. tomorrow morning, the snow well ensconced in upstate new york and vermont. boston, the cape and islands. from washington south, this is not an affair from you. friday morning, that's when new jersey and long island and new york get into it. the good news, it will come in phases and be a little easier to deal with. it all moves out by friday afternoon and then the arctic air. botch, 6 to 12 inches for you. thursday friday. 4 to 8 in new york. 12 plus in western new york. the arctic air modifying still that we saw in the upper midwest. but only in the teens for the northeast. if you're going to stay at home and stay comfortable, all the ball games in florida, the gator
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bowl, we'll see rain for you. the capital one bowl in orlando, rain as well. >> so is there any truth to the little cnn note this morning that i saw that winnipeg, canada, my birth place, is actually colder than certain places on mars? >> i don't know who wrote that. but some of your cold spots like canada and minnesota have and will see as going on record as december being one of the coldest on record. international falls, the 8th in duluth for december. this is quite rare. >> it makes for friendly people. thank you so much. we'll check in with you as things change. we're on the streets of new york city, because it's the day after the big party in times square. and the carriages that are so
8:16 am
famous have become a big story today. one of the first things the brand new mayor says he doesn't want the carriages. this woman happens to speak for the carriages. first things first, i have walked this street so many times and heard people stop and say, this doesn't seem fair to the animals. and i've heard the drivers speak back. and now it looks like the mayor is taking on the debate. >> there's two different sides here. there's the people that know about horses and people who just look at the horses and give their first impression based on something they read on the internet. those of us who work with horses, i'm from kentucky, know a thing about horses, these are healthy, happy horses. these are what relaxed, well cared for horses look like. anybody can come out here. millions of people every year come through here. and they're one of the most
8:17 am
regulated horses on planet. >> bau a lot of people say, there's taxis and exhaust and busy streets. is that really the place for an animal? >> talking about new york city belongs to all of us. the horses built this city. they have been parking right here since the 1850s. >> but there was no concrete and yellow cabs. >> asphalt was invented for horses to walk on. and when you look at the statics, we're safer than pretty much any other transit in new york city. and new york city traffic over the past 12 years in the bloomberg administration has gotten safer and safe offer. >> let me quickly read what the aspca put out a statement about this. the aspca has been advocating for the welfare of these horses since our founding in 1966. we believe that the use of
8:18 am
marriage courses is unnart ral and unnecessary. and in recent years we've advocated to phasing them out in the city. the aspca will gradly get involved to help with any potential transition and help find and facilitate humane retirement options for the horses. let's bring in danny cevallos. this is an issue. it's a legal issue. but the advocates for the horse industry, for the carriages, they're going to fight de blasio in court. how? >> they're going to owe posed -- first of all, they're going to have to show -- this is going to be some legislative type action. i don't think the mayor hoz the power to simply ban the horse-drawn carriages. and once they do that, they're going to fight it in court. man has domesticated animals for
8:19 am
amy lenia. and seems like we're all looking around saying, why did we start demess indicating animals? we've done it for a long time. horses have done this for a long time. they point to horse injuries over the last several years. i think you probably know, we're looking at maybe two or three traffic accidents involving horses. whereas i think a few hundred humans die. >> and if de blasio wants to fight back, is there something to the notion as the safety of people as ownsed to horses? there are people in the backs of the carriages and horses that some people are talking about. >> when you talk about breathing in the fumes, that's the exact same exposure that the humans. >> but i don't have or pull a
8:20 am
carriage along the street. >> it's very easy for the horses to do. and de blasio oversees now the mounted unit. the police horses breathe the exact same air and new york streets. are they facilitating horse abuse? >> people don't usually think of that. it's just kids enjoying the horses. thanks for your input. i don't think this is the last we're going to be talking. >> he doesn't know what he has gotten himself into. >> he hasn't met you. >> no. we will fight. we have every right to be here. >> don't go away, danny. i've got other stuff for you. and this, if you can believe it we talk on cnn and other networks all the time about the crime rate in chicago and the murder rate and how it's skyrocketing.
8:21 am
guess what? not so much apparently. as we look back on 2013, it was a pretty good year. i'll explain why in just a moment. we got adt because i walked in on a burglary once. the physical damage was pretty bad. the emotional toll was even worse. our daughter had nightmares. what that robber really took from us was our peace of mind. with adt, we got it back. [ male announcer ] every 14.4 seconds,
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happy new year, america. i'm ashleigh banfield. reporting live from central park south in new york city. the morning after the big ball dropped in times square. it is a beautiful day in new york. about 26 degrees and getting colder and snowier. a lot of weather coming. we're updating you on that. and also on a story that we've been following all year long, that is the crime rate in chicago. every story seems to say the same thing, it's terrible and getting worse. as it turns out, if actually got better. when we look at the statics, in 2013 showed 413 homicides in chicago. 2012 was 499. if you do the math, that's a 17% decline in homicides. if you're talking about overall
8:25 am
crime, it was down 25% from 2012. and that murder rate, by the way, is the lowest since i was born, 1967. don't do the math. in any case, it's quite a story as to why all of this happened and the police have a lot to say about what their role in it was. have a listen. >> villa. >> the time role call of the year. they talk about new year's eve and goes through his precincts numbers for the year. >> shootings, down 88 from last year. 46% decrease. >> 2013 was a great year for the entire chicago police force. overall, crime was down nearly 25% from 2012. and the murder rate was the lowest since 1967. >> it's hard not to be pleased. but we're not satisfied. >> reporter: some of the credit goes to chicago's police
8:26 am
superintendent who was brought in two years ago. they made sweeping changes that now seem to be paying off, including major changes a the police department. >> moving cops from behind the desk out onto the street. officers doing foot patrol. a strategy on gangs so there's no reprisal shootings. >> reporter: the city also invested in more afterschool programs and doubled the size of its summer jobs program. and it's putting pressure on parents to keep better tabs on their kids. >> it's starting to get late, boys, get close to home. >> reporter: and there were several stories including the killing of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton. >> she was shot and killed in a chicago park after school. just a mile away from my house. >> reporter: the biggest problem still facing chicago is illegal
8:27 am
guns. and the lack of accountability for those caught with one. an example, the man accused of killing pendleton who mccarthy says would have been in prison had the gun policies been stronger. >> her alleged killer pled guilty to illegal possession of a firearm in 2012 and killed her in january of 2013. >> reporter: still things are better. and most people we talked to say they have noticed a difference. >> it has sloeds down, though. it has slowed down. >> is it getting better? >> yes, it is. it's getting better. >> it's kind of all coming together. and the fellow is to keep making it better. >> make sure you guys watch each other's backs. have a good night. be safe. >> reporter: cnn, chicago. >> thank you for that reporting. so happy january 1st, 2014. guess what?
8:28 am
your gift today. obamacare. the coverage begins today. but not so fast. something happened last night that freezes one part of it, at least for a few people. i'll explain in just a moment. [ julie ] i've got to credit my mom.
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welcome back. i'm ashleigh banfield. reporting live in new york city. it is january 1st, 2014. happy new year and happy obamacare day. today is the day it starts taking effect for some people, anyway. look, the administration has been thrilled about the numbers of those enrolled. but there's another side. have they paid? are they actually covered? jim acosta is following the story live from washington, d.c. give me the pros and cons of what happens today and whether the administration is telling us everything about how well it's going. >> well, i think that they are tell us as much as they want to tell us right now in terms of how well it's going. we're going to have to find out over the next several weeks and months as to how the next
8:32 am
rollout is going. that starts today, the rollout of coverage. 2.1 million people have signed up for obamacare. and we're going to find out. because the coverage essentially goes into effect today. and there will be bumps along the way. people signed up for coverage but perhaps have not paid. the white house yesterday put out a tip sheet to consumers saying listen, if you think you have coverage through obamacare, make sure you call your provider and make sure the coverage is in place before you go to the doctor's office or the pharmacy. and if you're having trouble, you can call a hot line that's there for the consumers who have questions about all of this. it's up there on so that's an indication when they put that tip sheet out that they know there might be a few speed bumps over the next several weeks. >> speed bumps you say. how about last night.
8:33 am
supreme court justice sonia sotomayor saying that that mandate may not apply to all. can you explain that? >> yes. just before the ball dropped on times square, she dropped a ball of her own. dropped a mini bombshell, you might say, in that she basically issued a temporary stay blocking a mandate that is a part of obamacare that requires religious fall waited groups to provide contraceptive care for their employees. they said, wait a minute, we're going to take a timeout and allow the federal government to respond. and in the meantime, we can report that the white house has now responded to all of this. it says, quote, we defer to the department of justice on litigation matters but remain
8:34 am
confident that our final rules strike the balance while preventing nonprofit religious organizations with objections to contraceptive coverage from having to contract, arrange or pay for such coverage. they put out guy lines for some of these groups that they could get around this mandate. but some of the groups like the one that filed the lawsuit basically said, hey, you know, put these administrative rules aside. we think this is a violation of our rights as an organization to do what we want to do in terms of providing coverage, insurance coverage for our employees. so all of this is going to have to get sorted out by the supreme court. just when we taut thaut all the news related to obamacare was over for 2013, she weighed in just before the clock struck midnight. >> interesting is one way to put it. jim, thank you for that
8:35 am
reporting. and speaking whether it's frustrating, interesting or terrific news, i want to bring in mark lamont hill live in philadelphia and kevin madden is live in d.c. kevin, i'm going to come to you first. in the spirit of new year's, did supreme court justice sonia sotomayor amount no champaign corks for republicans? >> i don't think anybody celebrates these types of things. it's a value addition of many of the warnings that republicans had made during the formation process of the affordable care act. i think this becomes a big problem for democrats in the context of 2014 since it is going to be an election year for many of the members of congress. for all the members of house and many members of the senate. any time that you have to relitigate something like this, when it's in a courtroom, it's
8:36 am
also going to be relitigated in the court of public opinion. and that's very difficult for law enforcement of democrats who are in red states right now. if they start showing up at the poling booths in november, i think that's going to be something that's difficult for a lot of these democrats running in red states. >> and mark, you got to wonder if there isn't a bit of a dagger in the heart of president obama. this is his supreme court justice nominee that made this happen last night. as jim acosta said, dropped a bombshell of her own. granted this is temporary. but what does it say on a practical level for all of those other charities, hospitals and organizations that are affiliated with the catholic church that see this as a big victory? >> they should see it as a big victory. imy many of us even on the left
8:37 am
saw this as a real problem. in all fairness, they never attempted to ramrod this through. they were always willing to come up with a compromise. the proposed compromise was having third party insurers and other people provide this coverage. that was a compromise. of course many people said that's not good enough. i'm inclined to agree with those people. but the obama administration has garnered goodwill by being able to negotiate on this particular issue. but it sends a powerful message. it's for the for profit companies as well. there are many christian for profit companies saying we don't want to have to give contraceptive coverage out. i think they're going to have to come to the table with a good response. but i don't think it's going to cripple them in 2014.
8:38 am
>> do you predict that republicans are going to be able to campaign on obamacare or might that be something that the democrats will be able to do? >> i can guarantee you now that obamacare will be the center of the universe during the 2014 year. whether it's the size of government, the growth of government, government getting between you and your health care. but also a lot of the spending and taxation that was involved in health care and how that is hurting a lot of people's budgets and hurting the federal government's bottom line. i think it's going to be center -- it's going to be central to the political conversation that we have throughout 2014 for sure. >> you two -- >> i don't disagree. >> quickly. go ahead, mark. >> i agree with kevin. it's going to be the center of the conversation. but i don't think it's going to be a big weight against the
8:39 am
obama administration now that people are enrolling. >> happy new year to you both. you're nice to come out and do this on your holiday. i hope it's going to be warm and toasty where you are. coming up, as i was on my way to this location, i passed a couple of starbucks where you can get a cup of coffee for 7 bucks or more. and that happens to be what it actually costs for someone to work for one hour. what about the minimum wage going up? you're going to find out what it might go up to after the break. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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welcome to new york city. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live from central park south. this is the morning after the big night in times square. and yet, nobody looks hung over. it's pretty incredible. maybe because there's good news at least for 13 states and 4 cities. a higher minimum wage. maybe it's your state. but the president of this country wants it to be federal across the board. he wants the $7.25 to be boosted all the way to 10 bucks. before you think that through.
8:43 am
just imagine what it would be like if you were living on $7.25 an hour. do the math and listen to poppy harlow. >> reporter: well, over the last year, there have been a flurry of protests from retail and fast food workers demanding what they call a living wage. saying they can't get by on what they're making. here is a look at what life is like for two workers who say they simply need to make more to make it on their own. >> you have no money on your lunch account? not a dollar? >> reporter: this woman is stuck in a job that pays $7.30 an hour. she works overnights at a deli, 40 hours a week. her weekly paycheck, $244.70. what do you need to make to be able to get by on your own? >> at least $14, $15, to be able to live comfortably. >> do you add it up as you go? >> yeah. >> you do? >> i have to. >> she's a single mom fighting
8:44 am
to get by. don't be mistaken, she blames herself for not finishing high school and not going to college. but they tells me there has to be more she can achieve. >> there is no moving up. i might get a raise if there along enough. >> her life mirrors her mother's. she worked 30 years in a mattress factory and never made more than $9 an hour. >> it's a vicious cycle for everybody. >> reporter: she provides the home joanna can't afford. if it weren't for you having them here under your roof, where would she be? >> in the shelter or street. >> reporter: years of low wage work has left her with little hope. >> i'm 29. but the time i finish school, i'll probably be like 40. then who is going to hire a 40-year-old that just starting off with no experience? it's probably not going to happen. some days i don't want to try. >> reporter: tell me what you
8:45 am
mean. >> i feel like, what's the point? what's the point of trying, i'm not going to make it anyway. >> reporter: do you think from the outside looking in people have any idea what you go through? >> no. none. >> reporter: americans have long believed in a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. but we can't agree on that that wage is today. president obama supports raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 for about $10 an hour. but critics argue that won't help but hurt. costing jobs and increasing prices. >> people buy less and firms useless labor. you are better off if you earn a higher wage, clearly. but weigh that against the fact that your employer might make do with fewer workers and you might be one of them. >> at the center of the debate, fast food chains and big box retailers. in 2012, the average cost was $9
8:46 am
an hour. for retail workers, $12.17. still tiffany is among those demanding higher pay. >> our walmart! >> reporter: she's a member of our walmart a union yoon backed group. >> it isn't enough money for me to get by. we're stay stand still right now. >> reporter: walmart says they pay a fair wage and unfairly criticized. >> we pay above average wages for the retail industry and provide incredible opportunity. the discussion around the minimum wage is one that the country needs to be had. but that's not the issue. the issue is where you go to once you've started. >> reporter: tiffany wants more opportunity. but at $10.70 an hour she says she can't afford to work full-time with the child care
8:47 am
costs. >> i'm not unhappy with my squlob. i like being with the customers. so it's not -- i mean it's pointless for me to find a job. i would rather stay and fight. >> reporter: as for joanna, her pay will go up in january when minimum wage in new jersey increased to $8.25 an hour. she will still struggle but hopes her children's lives will be better. >> it's not going to happen to my kids. it's not. i promise you it's not going to happen to my kids. i won't allow it to. >> reporter: consider this number. more than 12 million full-time working americans made less than 20 thousd in 2012. keep in mind, that is more than minimum wage. and if you adjust for inflation, today's federal minimum wage is below where it was in the late 1960s. >> a lot of people in this city were ringing in the new year
8:48 am
with a lot of booze and champagne. but in other places like colorado, they were rolling joints. it's legal as of this morning to buy yourself some pot in that state. we'll take you there and show you what it looks like when you walk in the pot store, after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place at 315 chestnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue. the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ...and the second floor above the strip mall at roble and el camino. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. ♪ so different and so new where those with endless vision and an equal amount of audaciousness believed they had the power to do more. time and time again. ♪ and then, it happened
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8:51 am
everybody, i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live with bobby joe. >> that's correct. >> bobby joe. you know the famous horse drawn carriages in new york city, such a big issue. because there's a brand-new mayor in town, bill deblasio, he said he wants to ban the carriages. that's why we're out on the street talking about that. also talking about other laws in other states. this is a chronic problem across this country, people arguing whether weed is bad or good. today no matter what you think, it is legal to buy pot in a store in colorado. that's why casey wian went to a pot store not to buy it but to cover it. walk me through how it all, would today. happy new year. >> i appreciate you clarifying that for the audience. here's how it works. you can see customers here. they're sampling some of the marijuana. they're not sampling by smoking it but sampling it by smelling it. i talked to these clerks who are knowledgeable about the effects of the different strains of
8:52 am
marijuana. then they decide which strain they want to buy and then go to a cash register, pay for it with cash and actually come over here where you can see it's actually put in a child resistant container. that's one of the regulations that the state of colorado has. has to be a child resistant container. you'll see this worker is about to seal this. if you could just show us how it's not easy to open that bag up. so the idea is to keep children from getting it. we're going to talk to one of the customers who just bought marijuana for recreational purposes legally for the first time in colorado. her name is jessica. tell me why you came here today and what do you there about this new law? >> i'm from colorado but live in italy where marijuana is a felony. i'm here visiting for christmas. i voted for this because i'm still a resident of colorado and i wanted to support it. i'm not a regular marijuana user but i feel strongly that it should be legalized. so i'm here to support that. >> you know it's illegal to take
8:53 am
it out of the state. you're not going to bring it home, right? there you go, ash lear. very busy day in colorado. >> i'll bet you're busy. casey wian, thank you for bringing us that story. there's going to be a lot more stories with regard to that state and legalizing pot. coming up after the break, four words to tell you, anderson cooper, kathy griffin. let me add one more word. handcuffs. i kid you not. that's coming up next. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away.
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8:56 am
hey, welcome back to new york city. i don't know if you've ever been to the big apple on new years eave in times square but it's a hoot. if you're at home, you can still experience it to the wonder of kathy griffin and anderson cooper. i'm going to show you something, hide the children, take a look at how their night went and keep in mind, handcuffs. >> end it. >> by saying i love you and i'm glad you're here. i just want this year. >> this is like an intervention. you get shy about these things but it's very brave of you to use tonight for your endorsement of future president ted cruz in 2016. >> kathy griffin who has been --
8:57 am
ryan seacrest has been her nemesis for years. you were convinced he was trying to kill you or was that oprah. >> i believed they were in a coven trying to kill me that you were also a member of for at least four years. >> no swearing, no stripping and most important to me, no touching and no simulations if you know what i mean. simulations. >> i'm not going to simulate. i'm going to do it. people actually asked if i was going to lick you tonight. like miley cyrus. i know the hurt little boy no lives inside the model body. let me tell you, he's 5 years old. mommy's missing. she's at studio 54. his soup is cold and all he wants is love. so he's reading every single tweet. i scroll through mine i'm like next, next, next. go to cath, buy tickets. that's one tear like demi moore in "ghost." he's doing pottery.
8:58 am
that little boy never grew up. he's got short pants is, suspenders having high tea. somebody just love him for who he is. he's just a model. he's an underwear model that became a newsman by mistake. get me rick sanchez. rick, if you're watching, come on back, you're welcome. >> you are funny. you make me laugh. >> come to my window about me. >> i think we can stop. actually, it's about anderson. >> thank you, yes. >> did that girl with the crown just said the word micropeen? >> yes. >> she said the watermelon has a micropeen. >> a what? >> a micropeen. >> what haven't you done yet, deborah harry? >> well, i haven't climbed big mountains. >> you can climb anderson cooper right now, you know what i'm saying. >> in high school i wanted to be amish. >> you know what? you drop these bombs on me and then you have the nerve to act like i'm the one that's unpredictable. what do you mean you want to be
8:59 am
amish. >> first of all i had seen the movie "witness" and thought it looked so nice. you don't have to worry about what you're wearing. black and white every day. >> here's the deal. you're a vanderbilt. it's not going to change. there aren't amish vanderbilts. your mom used to live in the bergdorf goodman store. >> i handcuffed myself to anderson cooper. you guys, i did it! i don't have the key at all. >> this is truly my worst nightmare. >> we're together forever. if i can't have you, no one can. >> i will gnaw off my hand. >> and that's the way it was in new york's times square. anderson cooper reduced to tears and laughter and kathy griffin stella is leading the way for these lovely people who have taken their carriage ride in new york city. it might not be something they're going to be able to do if the new mayor of it new york, bill deblasio, sworn in last night gets his way.
9:00 am
wants to see the carriages disappear. get set for an epic battle in the city. in the meantime, it's a beautiful and balmy 26 degrees. getting colder and snowier. we'll update your weather story today. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- new york has a new mayor and for the first time in 20 years, it's a democrat. we're going to bring you live coverage of bill deblasio's inauguration ceremony later in the hour. plus, north korea's leader talks for the first time about his uncle's execution. saying filth had been purged from the ruling party. and pope francis delivers his first new year's message after a year of big change for the catholic church. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. happy new year to all of you. new york city's new mayor taking the ceremonial oath of office bringing it to you live.


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